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EC Pro streamlines stable management by integrating bookings, financial tracking, and client coordination into one user-friendly platform. It's the comprehensive solution that simplifies your administrative workload, freeing you to focus on delivering exceptional equestrian services
and growing your business.

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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Equestrian Facility with Our Comprehensive Suite of Barn Management Features

Online Bookings
Effortlessly handle all your transactions, including payments, refunds, and credits, while minimizing administrative tasks to free up valuable time and enhance revenue.

Empower your customers with the convenience of self-service bookings from the comfort of their homes.
Horse Management
Seamlessly manage your equine care with our Horse Management feature, centralizing all health and maintenance records to reduce administrative duties and free up essential time, thereby increasing operational efficiency.

Provide your clients with the ease of managing their horse's schedules and needs through our user-friendly platform, directly from the comfort of their homes.
Staff Management
Efficiently oversee your team with our Staff Management feature, streamlining personnel records and schedules to diminish administrative workload and unlock more time for strategic growth, thus boosting your business's productivity.

Enable your staff to autonomously manage their timetables and responsibilities, offering them the flexibility to do so from anywhere, enhancing job satisfaction and operational fluidity.
Customer Management
Effortlessly coordinate your customer interactions with our Customer Management feature, consolidating client information and activity to minimize administrative tasks, save valuable time, and drive revenue growth.

Grant your customers the luxury of self-managing their profiles and bookings, providing them with the freedom to do so from their own homes, enhancing their experience and your service efficiency.
Events and Competitions
Streamline your event planning with our Events and Competitions feature, organizing all details in one place to reduce administrative efforts, save time, and increase engagement.

Offer participants the convenience of online event entry and management, allowing them to register and prepare for competitions from their own homes, simplifying the process for everyone involved.
Simplify your administrative operations with our Admin feature, which centralizes control and oversight to cut down on paperwork, freeing up valuable time and enhancing organizational revenue.

Afford your administrators the ease of managing operations and data remotely, providing the flexibility to work efficiently from any location, streamlining your business processes.

Pricing that can work with any size barn.

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What are other barns saying.

I just wanted to give EC Pro a massive shout out as l've literally just had my inspection and they couldn't praise the system high enough and were fascinated by what it does and how it makes the administration of a riding school so much.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, and everyone who I have been in contact with from EC Pro. The customer support truly has been and is fantastic- I cannot stress this enough.

Excellent support and help. It is fabulous to be so organised with the daily calendar and client base. It is so easy to communicate with our clients, staff and instructors and fascinating to see at a glance payments and invoices.

EC Pro has completely changed the way we manage our riding school. Handing over the control to customers to manage their bookings has been advantageous for both parties. We have found we are busier than ever since implementing the new system.